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If you find yourself unable to drive your vehicle, and in needs of emergency and non-emergency towing service? we at Marietta towing can attend and assist in towing your vehicle to your choice of destination.

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Local Marietta technician can assist with some minor issues such as change tire, supply gas, jump start and car lockout at your location, and when the problem is greater he can provide towing to your own destination.

Meeting the highest standards

As you would expect from a top Marietta quality company, our friendly and experienced Marietta technicians will do their best to help you the customer with all your needs. We are fully trained, insured and of course fully qualified. We charge very reasonable prices and take great care to meet all of our customers needs. We have a long list of repeat customers so why not join them.

Be reassured our Marietta towing service are on call 24/7 365 days a year to deal with any towing and road assistance issues you may have; we will arrive at your location fast and complete the work effectively and professionally.

We’ve been helping to keep Marietta's drivers moving for more than 10 years. Below we share with you what we’ve learned over the years about the most common causes of breakdowns – and how to avoid them.

Flat or faulty battery

Car starter motor is not responding well, it's most likely a problem with your battery, there’s a good chance it’ll be down to lots of short journeys, poor electrical connection, left your lights on for too long or it's time for battery replacement. Battery faults are the most common cause of breakdown – especially at winter times.

At service times, the garage should check that connections are secure and that the battery terminals are clean and protected from corrosion, they test batteries and if you need a jump-start we can help to get you going again.

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